Rock Paper Scissors Challenge

Rock Paper Scissors Challenge. A classic game evolved..!

Your mission is simple. Protect the city and destroy every enemy as soon as possible!

You have a group of possible weapons represented by Rock-paper-scissors symbols emulating weapons in real world warfare.

But not too fast!, your ammo is limited, and your enemies multiply quickly..

Rules / How to Win:
• Avoid any direct hit to your tank
• Destroy every UFO out there. UFOs require 3 impacts to be destroyed
• Protect the city. Buildings require 3 impacts to be destroyed

Bullet's symbols play a big role. You need to fire the correct bullet every time if you want to stay alive.

• Rock crushes Scissors
• Paper covers Rock
• Scissors cut Paper

In addition to the Classic mode. We added a popular extension with five-weapons: ´Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock´, invented by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla, which adds ´Spock´ and ´lizard´ to the standard three choices.

• Rock crushes Scissors
• Rock crushes Lizard
• Paper covers Rock
• Paper disproves Spock
• Scissors cuts Paper
• Scissors decapitates Lizard
• Lizard eats Paper
• Lizard poisons Spock
• Spock vaporizes Rock
• Spock smashes Scissors

Note: this app contains ADS. The banner never appears during the game-play.


Keywords: Game, Casual, Arcade, Rock, Paper, Scissors, UFO, Fire, Missile, Score, Free, Fun.