Jumping Goat

Jumping Goat is based on the classic game (Doodle Jump). The objective of the game is to go as high as you can, avoiding enemies and collecting gifts (powers). It is really challenging, fun and fast paced... Enjoy!

The perfect casual game!

• The aim is to get as high as you can. Use a never-ending series of platforms (and clouds) to jump up without falling.
• Tilt your device to control the goat (left or right direction). It is a wrap world where the left edge is connected with the right edge.
• Avoid the birds (eagles). But you can stomp them to jump.
• Collect as many gifts as you can, they content a bonus or power. Every power will last for ten seconds.
A Bubble makes you invulnerable, the Fire allow you to kill birds, You can throw shurikens pointing towards birds. Picking a gift while you are using a power just extend your current power and give you more points.

• 3 Levels / Worlds
• The top ten scores per level will be saved automatically.
• Set sounds/Music on/off
• Gifts/Powers (more available soon)
• 6 UI Languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German).

Note: this app contains ADS. The banner only appears once every 4 minutes but never during the game-play. You will get some shurikens extra as reward. Enjoy!

Keywords: Game, Casual, Arcade, Goat, Jumping, Android, Score, Free, Fun.