Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent is a virtual assistant for Insurance professionals. It handles all the information needed for developing a strong Insurance database. Keep up to date detailed info about your clients, products (Insurance policies), Insurance Companies (Carriers) and important Contacts.

Nowadays, Agents spend considerable time developing and pursuing sales leads. Automating the insurance lifecycle you will reduce the amount of time that you spend on time consuming tasks (your workload), which will improve your efficiency and allow you to concentrate on increasing production. Now you can focus on what matters most... building a profitable and competitive business!

This app provides an intuitive interface to help you accomplish your most common task effectively.

Key Features:
• Manage Insurance Companies (carriers) and Contacts.
• Manage several Insurance Agents simultaneously. This is really useful for small agencies.
• Keep a complete record of your Clients and Prospects. We provide an effective search capability on every module of this app.
• Record your Appointments.
• Create Insurance Policies. Support for several types of Insurances (Property / Casualty, Home, Auto, Health, Dental, Life, etc). Fully manage Claims and Payments. Attach up to 10 images.
• Multiple Statistics available. Beautiful Charts with detailed data for precise, effective, quick analysis of your sales performance.
• Quick reports are available for commissions and premiums. There are several filters available (Company, Agent, Periods, etc)
• You can get quick reports including clients, commissions and sales filtered by companies, dates, etc.
• The User Interface is very intuitive and optimized for tablets.
• Provides powerful and effective set of features that will keep growing in future updates.

PRO Features:
• Access to Images in Policies and Claims
• Access to Products (templates)
• AD-FREE (No Advertisements).

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