Database Script Tool

Database Script Tool is a Code Generator. It can generate several types of code (DDL Scripts, Stored procedures, SQL Standard commands, Classes, Resource files, HTML5 forms, Data Managers and more).

Code generation can save you a considerable amount of money, reducing time of coding and debugging. Speed up your projects reducing human errors and avoiding repetitive tasks. Now you can focus on what matters most.

How does it work?
Design your database schema (database, tables, fields and relationships), then use the built-in generator to get the corresponding Script / Code. Finally, share or save the result as a file.

General features:
• Design Databases (Schemas with tables, fields and relationships).
• Generators:
  - DDL Scripts for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL-Server, Firebird and SQLite.
  - Stored Procedures for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL-Server and Firebird.
  - Standard SQL Commands (Select, Insert, Update and Delete).
  - Model Classes for PHP, Java, C#, VB.Net, C++, Python, Delphi, ORMLite (Android) and Hibernate.
• Examine, share and save your results easily.
• Support for 8 UI Languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian and Polish).

PRO features (available via In-App Purchase)
Advanced Generators:
• Android DatabaseHelper and ORMLiteDatabaseHelper classes.
• Android (XML) Layout Forms (Compat v23) & Resource Strings.xml.
• HTML / HTML5 Forms.
• Hibernate DAOs.

Do you need more features? Review our App and let us know how to improve!

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