Color Scheme Builder

Color Scheme Builder is a powerful tool for developers & designers. Several color selection modes in a single tool. Start creating your own library of themes for your projects!

Why settle for less when you can have it all?

General Features:
• Fully manage your schemes.
• Color RGB picker: Classic RGB selector.
• Color Wheels. You can manually input your colors (get all shades instantly) or many Pre-loaded Color Wheels (Primaries, Pastels, Lights, Pure, Darks, Browns and Grayscale).
• Color Palettes: Named colors (with search), Standard and several Popular palettes (Favorites, Web-Safe colors, Pastel, Metro WP8, Material Design, iOS, etc).
• Pick colors from any Image on your Gallery or directly using your Camera. Retrieve them automatically.
• Every color shows detailed info. Ex: HEX/RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSL , XYZ, CIE-L*ab, Hunter-Lab, Name, Web-Safe Status, and more.
• Share your Color Schemes as TEXT, HTML or Android color resource format.
• Several UI languages supported (English, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish and Russian).
• It’s optimized for tablets.

PRO Features:
• Color Theory Wheels (mono, analogous, complementary, triadic and tetrad combinations)
• PRO version is AD-FREE.

Do you need more features? Review our App and let us know how to improve!

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